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Half a Dozen Unique Yoga Mat Bags

Crochet Yoga Mat Bag

Using your own yoga mat is always better than using the ones the gym or yoga studio supplies. You want a color and design that you like and you want to know where it’s been before you go face down into child’s pose. But carrying it to and from your practice is another way to set yourself apart and make a statement. Luckily, they aren’t that hard to make. Your mat carrying bag can be as fancy or as utilitarian as you want. Using tubes and/or straps, fabric and/or yarn, and adding your own special touches to personalize it, you can have your own unique yoga mat carrier with a minimum of time and effort. And because these bags are so easy to make, all of these patterns are FREE!

Here are the best of the free yoga mat bag patterns I’ve found on the web.

1. DIY Yoga Mat Bag Bag (with step-by-step instructions!)


Some simple sewing and a serviceable, washable fabric make for a functional yoga mat bag that you can whip up in a single day. The subtle stripes in this fabric even help you to sew a straight seam!

DIY Yoga Mat Bag

2. How to Sew a Yoga Mat Bag

An even quicker version without the buttonholes can be put together in just a couple of hours. The fancy fabric gives this simple design an expensive look.

3. Yoga Mat Bag Sewing Pattern

This pattern from Mollie Makes has a more polished appearance while still being simple to make. If you use a plain fabric, you might want to dress it up with some embroidery or applique. Adding a pocket for your cell phone or wallet would be another simple way to dress it up without cluttering it up.

4. Perfect Harmony Yoga Mat Bag Free Crochet Pattern

You can always find time to crochet while watching television, waiting for an appointment, or lounging in the yard or at the beach. This lovely crochet yoga mat bag is sure to garner lots of compliments. Make it in a color that contrasts with the color of your yoga mat for some extra pop.

5. Crochet Yoga Mat Bag – Free Crochet Pattern

If you want to crochet a bag that’s a little quicker and a little easier, use a heavier yarn and follow this pattern. Even the straps are crocheted on this one. I think it would look amazing with ombre yarn!

6. Yoga Mat Bag from Old Pants

Probably the easiest and fastest way to make your yoga mat bag is to re-purpose a pair of old pants that are too far gone to be given to the Salvation Army, but not so bad to be unsalvageable. You’re talking about maybe an hour of work and a lot of compliments on your resourcefulness and thriftiness.

However you decide to do it, don’t forget to personalize your new bag with some appropriate embellishment. A lotus flower done in fabric paint or washable markers would look lovely on an otherwise plain bag. Or the word Namasté embroidered along the length of the bag in a fancy font. And the traditional Om symbol lends itself well to an applique with a pretty fabric.

Visit Amazon for a great assortment of yoga mats to go with your new carrying bag.

Be sure to comment below if you found any of these links helpful. I’d love to see a picture of your own creation!